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Tamar’s Shower

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Tamar told her sisters that she wanted a “Tamar Shower” which would basically be a party dedicated to Tamar – which is what happened almost every day. Her sisters agreed to throw Tamar a slumber party and get shirts made with all of Tamar’s sayings printed on them. The girls were having a great time at the sleep over doing Tamar impersonations and joking on each other until Mommy announced that she needed to leave to go on another date with Darryl! Tamar was upset that Mommy was leaving the party early to go be with her new boo but was even more mad when Toni announced that she would be moving to Atlanta! Tamar couldn’t believe that her oldest sister was leaving her in L.A especially during her pregnancy so she stormed off during the slumber party and went to bed. So much for the “Tamar Shower”.

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