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Strawberry Letter: Menage-a-trois Husband & Alcohol Break Up With Wife For Christmas

Dear Steve and Shirley,

This letter is deep, cause its true… My husband of 25 years came home at 5am on Christmas eve, which was unusual for him to come home at that time. I was up waiting when he arrived and he stated he must talk to me, cause he is “No longer in love with me.” I sat in shock and listened and said, “Okay”, then. I left the room and he left the house. He came home the next morning, which was Christmas morning. I was up waiting and he said he’d cheated and we have had a 25 year run and again, he’s no longer IN love, but after 25 years, he “loved” me. Again in shock, I said, “Okay”. Upon finding out that he was no longer in love with me, I set out to make plans to leave him and our home, realizing this was over. I have moved out and I’m taking one day at a time to heal. Now 3 weeks later, he is calling my cell phone crying, saying he didn’t mean what he said and he was depressed and had a break down. He said the cheating was due to him drinking alcohol and it happened 3 years ago. As you can tell from my demeanor, we have had disturbing conversations before – “blame it on the alcohol.” Morning crew, can you blame me for moving on and ending this menage trio with my husband, alcohol and myself?

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:


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