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Strawberry Letter: Ex’s Being Best Friends

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’m a 20 yr old woman. Me and my ex are best friends. We have decided to be best friends after a 3 1/2 year relationship. She’s currently with someone as well as I told my current girlfriend this in the beginning before we ever made us official. So she would have the opportunity to let me know her feelings. She said she didn’t think ex’s should or could be best friends and she’s not best friends with none of her ex’s, but she loves me and accepts my situation. They speak and they have even been around each other and showed the utmost respect for one another.

Then six months into our relationship I find out that one of her so-called best friends is someone whom she dated, not for very long but they still dated. She didn’t tell me I had to add two and two together and fill in the blanks by asking questions. Then she finally told me everything. I was furious because all along she had this best friend who was an ex and didn’t tell me until I put it all together. I expressed my frustration by stating to her it wasn’t the fact they were all of a sudden best friends, but the length of time it took for me to find out without being told from her directly but by Facebook.

So do I have the right to be mad because she waited six months to tell me or should I let it roll off my shoulder because me and one of my ex’s are best friends?

Listen to Shirley and Steve comment on this letter below:


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