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Star Jones, one of the most drama prone celebrities known to reality television, is protesting the over-the-top reality show, “Basketball Wives.” She took to Twitter and has called on ‘high-profile’ black women to stand up and speak out against the ridiculousness of the show. She was quoted as saying, “It may be ‘comfortable’ to be quiet when women of color slap the crap out of each other & run across tables barefoot, but #ENOUGHisENOUGH,” wrote Star. Jones was particularly outraged and had enough of the mindless aggression after Jennifer Williams was slapped in the face and criticized for taking the issue to court. She went on to say “And the thought that the woman from #BasketBall Wives who was smacked doesn’t have the RIGHT to file assault charges is LUDICROUS! You NEVER give up your right not to have your ‘person’ intentionally assaulted unless you are participating in an agreed physical activity,” “…little black girls deserve more than what we’re giving! It sickens me when young sisters think that behavior is acceptable. U can’t get a REAL JOB acting like an animal,” said Star. For the full story Click Here.