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Strawberry Letter: Damaged Goods

Dear Steve & Shirley,

Im a 38 yr.old woman single with no kids, great career, well educated. Back in May of 2006 I was dating a 36yr. old man that made me so happy treated me wonderful. He also has great skills in working, well educated, also with one child. We planned many things from getting married to having children.

He always showed me his love, affection for and I did show mine also. In  November 2007 I got really sick and he was there at every appointment, then we learned that I had to have surgery where that leads to me not having any babies. When the Dr. said the reason for the everything he sat next to me really quiet, in shock. Leaving the hospital he said nothing, then later he stopped taking my calls altogether. So I had the surgery and went thru it without him.

When I got well I emailed him and said I know you want kids, we can’t have them together, I left my phone in case he got rid of it. So after 3 months he gave me a call and he sounded sad,etc…Now this is August 2011 and he wants to start a “relationship”after I had to cry many nights over this “man I was willing to share my life with,” but I’m scared to let him back into my heart, because he may walk out of my life again when I need his support. I can’t lie I still “love” this man.

What should I do?

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