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From realizing I still had to make “monthly” payments after paying off my mortgage to budgeting for important associated with my children’s future, check out 3 Things I Learned AFTER Paying off my debt HERE.

When we’re young, most of us don’t care or even think about saving money as much as we do finding fun new ways of spending…

You can’t deny the convenience of dining out. Having a chef prepare your meal and a waiter serve your food makes things easier and eliminates the hassle of grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. However, there are many benefits to cooking your own meals. It’s a chance to connect with the food you prepare, season […]

If you are in a financial hole, the last thing you want is for that hole to get even deeper. While you are working to pay off debt, be sure to talk to your creditors. Communication is key and most creditors will give you lower payment options and even refund overcharged interest. But you won’t […]

Today’s #MoreMoneyMoment is about spiritually attracting money. Sometimes the opportunity to earn more has a lot to do with your personal karma. When you are kind to others and generous to those in need, you position yourself to receive more. Remember, sometimes a blessing comes in the form of blessing others, so be generous when you […]

Today’s Tip: Keep your spending and saving accounts SEPARATE! When you see it, you’re more likely to spend it and if your savings and checking accounts are at the same bank, it’s easy to just transfer money that you would have otherwise saved. You know the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Resist the temptation […]

Paying your bills on time seems like a no-brainer but you wouldn’t believe the millions of Americans who are negatively impacted by late fees. With the average late fee around 30 dollars, it can be costly to go past your due date. First off, you should list the due dates of your bills. Next, schedule […]

I’m not suggesting that you stop going out all together but a night out on the town with your crew can be costly. Instead of depleting your food and entertainment budget, invite your friends over. Buy some food, light up the grill, watch movies and play cards with your guests. You’ll ALL save money and […]

Listen to Majic 107.5/97.5 every weekday at 11:43 to learn ways to cushion your pockets. Today’s tip is to always shop with a list. Most of us are victims of going to the store for a pack of batteries or some milk and leaving with a cart FULL of stuff, most of which we really […]

The purpose of this budget is to come up with a system to govern everyday spending. If nothing else, remember this one simple budgeting rule: Spend less money than you make. We are all in tight budget times. The best thing about it is that when you learn the key you can master all the […]

Saving money  and living a good life is at the top of everyone list. You don’t need us to tell you times are tight. Between the rising cost of gas and groceries, a disheartening recession, and the shaky job and housing markets, you’ve probably spent more than a few hours worrying about your finances. But […]