“The heart that gives, gathers…” – Tao Te Ching Remember, when you give love, you GET love. The energy you put into the universe makes it’s way back to you so always try your best to spread love!  

Why was a 19 year old woman in .. Florida… arrested when a security camera caught her setting a car on fire?  She burned the Honda Accord from the trunk and can be seen fanning the flames.  She thought it belonged to her Ex-Boyfriend….  But she had the wrong car. For more information on the […]

Why did a 30 year old man from … Florida.. break into a school and steal an employee’s car?  Then during his bond hearing he decided to twerk in court! For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Mother Kills Children Hides Them Under Neighbor’s House Good Samaritan Has To Pay […]

Despite pessimism regarding his recovery, Lamar Odom is beginning to show improvement! According to TMZ, doctors are now seeing improvements in his heart function. Sources familiar with the situation tell us, tests on Lamar’s heart Friday morning revealed his heart function is “much better.” Doctors have told Lamar’s friends and family this is a good […]

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Despite decades of medical research and public campaigns to ease the problem, heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. One of…

February is all about spreading the love and I’m not just talking about Valentine’s Day. February is also American Heart Month, beauties. Every year about…

The 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were announced today and legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy made the cut! Pioneering producer Quincy Jones and Donna Summer also received career-praising nods from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Next year’s inductees also include Albert King, Randy Newman, Lou Adler, Rush, and Heart. […]