“Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.” – Buddha Remember, you cannot cure hate with more hate. Sometimes the pain a person tries to inflict on you is a reflection of the pain within themselves. Instead of responding with anger, do your best to be compassionate.

Why did a Maryland police officer go undercover as a Burger King Employee?  Why did the officer apply to deal with a complaint of drugs being sold by restaurant employees?  The officer made several purchases of marijuana from two employees in the parking lot of the restaurant For more information on the Funk Dats, click […]

Why did a Jewelry store in India get robbed by a monkey?  The store security camera shows a monkey throwing a piece of fruit inside the store.  The people in the store threw it back at the monkey… who came on into the store…  attacked a store employee, sat for 20 minutes then opened the […]

Why did a man in Oregon break into a home strip down and get bucked nekked….  and climb into the bed with couple living there…..  he was holding a knife when he sat on top of the man and kissed the man….. The man pulled out a gun…. the intruder ran and 3 shots were […]

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Singer/actor Tyrese is a polarizing figure. You are either going to love the guy or you don’t mess with him because you believe he’s dumber…

Those who oppose <strong>President Obama</strong> have been using a <strong>Bible Verse, Psalms 109: 8-9</strong>, as a rallying cry against him.<!--more-->