“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they might actually be falling into place.” – Author Unknown Change is the prerequisite for growth because in order to evolve, you have to move into a new space. Sometimes it can be exciting but most of the time it feels uncomfortable, but don’t let the challenge distract you. […]

“Once the past has taught you what you need to know, take a deep breath and let it go.” – Anon Sometimes burning bridges can be a good thing. It prevents you from going back to a place you never should have been in the first place. Remember, you can’t attract a positive situation while […]

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” – Author Unknown Pursuing new (and bigger) things can be scary, but what’s even scarier is regret. There’s no doubt that failure is painful, but living with the regret of “what if” hurts even more. Remember, dreams aren’t designed to intimidate you, but to inspire […]

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” – Author Unknown Everyone has their own journey, so don’t be discouraged if you see someone who may be a little ahead of you. You don’t know what they did to get where they are and it could be much more of a sacrifice than you think. Instead of […]

Why is there a video from Memphis where several heavily armed officers serve a warrant… they arrest their man with out incident but one officer is seen holding a rifle on a pregnant woman, her fiance and another man… Funk Dat  Have your gun, have your hands on your gun…. but there is no need […]