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  Today is a day men and women can celebrate and enjoy equally! Today, October 13th, is National No Bra Day. Ladies, feel free to…

A Marietta woman Googling her name got a shocking surprise when she found pictures of her post-surgery breasts posted by her plastic surgeon. The school counselor, who wishes to remain anonymous, was shocked and embarrassed after seeing photos of her bust before and after undergoing reduction surgery at Marietta Plastic Surgery. While the facility has […]

These days, women with small breasts are embracing their cup size. Less and less women are looking for padded bras, according to Ellen Shing, owner of an online lingerie boutique. Now, science is backing up what these ladies have known all along. Here are 3 reasons having small breasts is beneficial: You Feel More Pleasure […]

Montana Fisburne is planning on spending her adult acting fees on a boob job and vagina surgery.The porn star who recently signed a multi-film deal with porn company Vivid Entertainment is planning on spending her fortune on a few nips and tucks. She tells Hustler magazine, “I don’t want to get real big ones (breasts). […]