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A Marietta woman Googling her name got a shocking surprise when she found pictures of her post-surgery breasts posted by her plastic surgeon.

The school counselor, who wishes to remain anonymous, was shocked and embarrassed after seeing photos of her bust before and after undergoing reduction surgery at Marietta Plastic Surgery. While the facility has taken down the photos, the woman is worried that they’ve been seen by parents, students or administrators.

The Marietta woman told WSB-TV that she decided to undergo breast reduction surgery after suffering excruciating pain in her neck and shoulders. She said she signed a waiver that stated her name would not be associated with the photos if they were used for marketing purposes.

Clinic staff then took “before and after” photos of her, and somehow her name was attached to the pictures.

But somehow, her name was attached to the snaps and then posted online.

Marietta Plastic Surgery’s attorney declined to comment, citing privacy laws. The woman’s lawyer, Mike Regas, said that although the pictures had been taken down, said his client knows that nothing ever disappears from the Internet.



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