Constantly obsessing over how your body looks is not healthy. In fact, comparing yourself to others and constantly looking for flaws when you look in the mirror can distract you from reaching your fitness goals. There’s no doubt that self-love is the foundation for success with weight loss. Click HERE to read ways to stop […]

It can be hard not to be judgmental of yourself while losing weight. However, self-love is needed to be successful during your journey. If you find yourself struggle to not compare your body to others or need a boost of self-confidence, check out these tips to love your body while losing weight.

Why did a body builder in Greece come in second place in a body building competition?  And why did he get upset and smack one of the judges so hard that he knocked him down For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Teacher Breaks Jaw Of 7 Year Old Student […]

Why was a police officer accused of stealing?  Why did a Veteran Denver Police officer get recorded by his own body camera as he stole $1200 from a suspect during a shooting investigation?  The officer said the money must have fallen in my bag For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link […]

Why did police in Connecticut find 600 marijuana plants at a daycare? State inspectors were called because the house was in poor condition.   Police were denied access to the home daycare with a tall wooden fence so they got a warrant and found the plants that were 6 to 10 feet tall and worth […]

Why did 2 marine roomates in California playing Pokemon Go observe a man acting strangely? The game of one of the Marine’s froze… and while the screen was re-freshing they saw a man approach a woman at a park with her children.  They ran off and the woman called 911.  Intrigued, the Marines continued to […]

We all know that Twinkies have preservatives but Why did a Science in Maine teacher take a Twinkie out of the wrapper in class in 1976 to see how long before it rots?  The teacher retired in 2004.  40 years later the Twinkie is still in tact. For more information on the Funk Dats, click […]

Global Grind's new fitness series "The Shape Up" is giving everyday people simple workout tips that will get them sculpted and toned like their favorite Hollywood star.

Why did a woman from London get temporarily banned from Instagram because the Easter cake she baked was confused for a woman’s breast…  Instagram flagged the picture as being sexually suggestive or containing nudity… The cake is not even one of those that is in the shape of a body part For more information on […]

Why do they keep doing stories about how your fitbit can tell on you….    Why did a woman in New York start to experience a consistently high heartbeat according to her fitbit device….   turns out the heartbeat wasn’t hers…. she is pregnant…… Congrats baby girl For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below […]

Why is there a 12 year old girl in India who has been living with a colony of ants living in her ear… doctors removed some ants…. and later removed more….  the girl complained of irritation but didn’t feel any major pain… and the ants left no apparent damage to her ear For more information […]

Why is a man in Texas being charged with aggravated assault for hitting his girlfriend…  He old her to smell his armpit… she refused… so he punched her in the back of the head and tried to stab her with a knife   For more information on each Funk Dat, click the links below Middle […]