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    Al Sharpton

    Rev. Al Sharpton is the founder and President of the National Action Network (NAN), a not-for-profit civil rights organization headquartered in Harlem, New York, with over 47 Chapters nationwide. As one of the nation’s most-renowned civil rights leaders, Rev. Sharpton has been praised by President Barack Obama as “the voice of the voiceless and a champion for the downtrodden,” and by former President George W. Bush who said that “Al cares just as much as I care about making sure every child learns to read, write, add and subtract.”

    Rev. Sharpton is currently the only African-American host of an evening talk show called “PoliticsNation” on MSNBC that analyzes the top political and social news of the day featuring the country’s leading newsmakers. He also hosts a nationally syndicated radio show “Keepin it Real” that is heard daily all over the country, and two local New York radio shows.

    In April of 2001, Coretta Scott King hailed him as “a voice for the oppressed, a leader who has protested injustice with a passionate and unrelenting commitment to nonviolent action in the spirit and tradition of Martin Luther King Jr.”

    Born on October 3, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York, Al Sharpton began his ministry at the tender age of four, preaching his first sermon at Washington Temple Church of God & Christ in Brooklyn. Just five years later, the Washington Temple church’s legendary Bishop F.D. Washington licensed Al Sharpton, his protégé, to be a Pentecostal minister.


  • 10:00am - 2:00pm

    TQ The Queen

    TQ The Queen has been in the radio broadcasting industry for the past 20 years entertaining, motivating and inspiring women to become the best version of themselves.  TQ The Queen is the example for people who ever think about giving up on their dreams  and aspirations because throughout all of the many times people counted her out she managed to keep pushing and winning!  That’s why when she utilizes the MAJIC platform she has the Extra Push segment, to inspire and motivate people to give it all they got even when there is nothing left to give.

    Active social platform:

    IG:  @thequeenbrand

    501 c 3 @alllivesmattercorp



  • 2:00pm - 6:00pm

    Sam Sirmons the Weekend Ambassador

    You might have heard of him referred to as 6’5″, but Sam Sirmons is one of the youngest in the industry, but has made his way to becoming a mover and shaker. From Atlanta to Palm Springs, CA, Sirmons has made himself a staple in radio broadcasting.

    Sirmons who proudly represents the Midwest, by way of Indiana, is a graduate of Kokomo High School. Much like his mentors, Ryan Cameron & Greg Street, Sirmons stayed on the grind and has always strived to take his craft to the next level. It’s his hustle, “never say never” mentality that has brought him this far and will continue take him even further.

    During his undergrad at Ball State University, Sam hosted several events and involved in several organizations. But, everything changed when someone told him to give the campus radio station, WCRD 91.3 FM. From his initial show going from one hour on Friday afternoons to a three hour block on Thursday nights, which went down as one of the most successful & controversial shows to ever hit the station.

    Upon graduation, Sam stood at a crossroads, either stay at home and start job hunting with a degree or take an internship with V103Atlanta. He packed his life up and headed to the South where he interned under Greg Street and sat in with Ryan Cameron in the afternoons. After finishing his internship, he was hired as a board operator for WAOK. After earning the trust of several colleagues on the staff, including Cameron, he was asked to assist in the inception of The Ryan Cameron Morning Show on V103Atlanta.

    The versatility he possess didn’t just stop on the morning show. He’s successfully produced broadcasts from concerts, community events, including the NCAA Final Four. Sirmons has also been the producer for personalities such as Ramona DeBreaux, Big Tigger, Greg Street, & Roland Martin.

    In the summer of 2016, Sirmons made his way to Palm Springs, CA where he was the night personality for U-92.7. For three consecutive ratings books, he was the #1 night show personality, as well as the highest rated personality in his cluster.

    Recently, Sirmons was recognized by Radio Ink Magazine as a member of the Class of 2020 “Future African-American Leaders in Radio.”

    Currently, Sam Sirmons executive produces Ryan Cameron Uncensored on Majic 107.5/97.5 in Atlanta from 3-7 PM, as well as his own weekend show “Sunday Sirmons” on Majic 107.5/97.5 Sunday afternoons 2-6 PM. Never seeing the ceiling, he’s looking forward to more success & #1’s.

    WEBSITE: Social Media Handles (IG, Twitter, Facebook): @therealsix5

  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    Cafe Mocha

    Café Mocha’s YoYo is a Grammy-nominated rapper and actress best known for classic rap hits like “Can’t Play With My Yo-Yo,” “The Bonnie & Clyde Theme” with Cube and “I Wanna Be Down” with Brandy, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte.

    With more than 25 years in the music business, Yo-Yo’s professional journey was recently featured on TV One’s marquee franchise, “Unsung.” The Compton, Calif.-native—who has consistently toured throughout the years—performed earlier this year at the Trump Awards in Atlanta as part of a tribute to hip-hop trailblazers Salt-N-Pepa.

    A feminist and community crusader, YoYo is working to empower young people with her youth program, YoYo’s School of Hip-Hop. Yo-Yo’s program operates in both Los Angeles, Calif. and Highland Park, Mich., where her husband, DeAndre Windom, is the mayor. The mission is to help educate youths within the community about dance, music, and learning how to compose and perform powerful messages in rap music.

    “Café Mocha is brought to you by Dr. John Lipman of The Atlanta Fibroid Center. For more info log on to Fixing Fibroids Dot Com”


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    Virtual Vibes