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The curvy girl revolution will be televised. Long gone are the days when curvy women hid their curves in shapeless clothing and dark colors in an attempt to meet society’s standards; it is a new day.

Plus-size influencers like Kelly Augustine, Chastity Valentine, Gabi Fresh, Ty Alexander and even myself helped pushed the movement further by offering women and girls a (life)style guide. This guide not only showed women and girls how to pop style and keep it cute, but it also helped many understand that being bold and unapologetic in a big body was only as problematic as they allowed it to be. Yeah, society says big isn’t beautiful and that it doesn’t deserve to be on full display, but the truth is that is a whole lie and now that plus-size women know that; it’s up and it’s stuck.

Young curvy girls like Lizzo are unphased by society’s archaic beauty standards. Rihanna said it best, “society don’t want you to live your best life when you thick” and many of us felt that because for years we brought into society’s limited perceptions of how your body should be. Millennial curvy girls are ushering in the next level of inclusion by being featured by brands like Savage Fenty, Nike, and other brands that aren’t solely Plus-size specific. They can be seen all over Beyonce’s internet on major networks like BET. Yes, these girls are moving and shaking with what their mama gives them.

Oh and, just in case you need receipts I brought them, check out these dope curvy leaders of the new school who serve all cake, no crumbs! Happy National Curves Day!

19 Curvy Girl Influencers To Support Beyond National Curves Day!  was originally published on

1. Gess Pugh

Age: 29

Current Location: New York City

Favorite thing about myself: My adaptability and warm disposition. I also love my smile. 


2. Nessa

Current Location: Atlanta
Age: 31

Favorite thing about myself: My smile and ability to emphasize anything.

3. Chante Burkett

Current Location: Florida

Age: 34

My hustle! I have a welcoming smile and I love my legs but my. hustle has taken my so many places. 

4. Kristine

Current location: Los Angeles

Age: 34 

Favorite thing about myself: My drive & passion are my absolute favorite things about me.

5. Raven

Current Location: Houston Texas
Age: 31

Favorite thing about myself: I like that I have a lot of self-respect. You don’t love me? You want to leave me? I’ll hold the f%^king door open. I don’t plead. I don’t chase people. I don’t beg anyone to stay. I’ve learned it the hard way. For me, nothing is more important than my SELF RESPECT.

6. Jessica

Current Location: Atlanta “ATL Hoe” Ga
Age: 29
My favorite thing about me: My optimistic (everything will work out) attitude. People tend to give the problem more energy than they give their ability to solve the problem. 

7. Devorah

Current Location: Atlanta, Ga
Age: 33
Favorite thing about myself: My ability to make anything work. I rarely every see defeat.

8. Triena

Current location: Atlanta, GA
Age: 33
My favorite thing about myself: My God-fidence, my god-given confidence! I have always been comfortable in the skin that I’m in and I display it proudly with hopes that it inspires other curvy women to do the same.

9. Essie

Current location: Brooklyn
Age: 35
Favorite thing about myself: I love my laugh: It’s loud and annoying but infectious.It is damn near impossible not to laugh if you’re near me when I’m laughing.

10. Jess

Current Location: Phoenix, AZ
My favorite thing about myself: I absolutely love all of my curves; lips, hips, all of them.

11. Wondrea

Current location: Atlanta, Ga
Age: 31
Favorite thing about yourself: My personality! I am a people person, my energy is nearly always high because I want others to feel good. 

12. Alexus

Current location: Atlanta, Ga

Age: 27
My favorite thing about myself: my smile is my favorite part of my body! I take pride and confidence in my GAP. Because it’s my signature and it sets me apart from everyone else.

13. Kenni

Current Location: Atlanta, Ga
Age: 30
Favorite thing about myself: I can make friends anywhere (personality). I never meet strangers or find myself uncomfortable around new people. 

14. Kala

Current location: New York City
Age: 30
Favorite thing about myself: I love that I am able to always show up unapologetically as myself and be my authentic self!

15. Meshia

Current location: Atlanta,Georgia
Age: 24
My favorite thing about myself: My personality! I’ve grown from being such a shy person to the life of the party and  I am very proud of that. 

16. Dani

Current location: Atlanta
Age: 34
Favorite thing about myself: Physically, I love big muscular legs that never went away from my cheerleading days. Mentally, my body confidence that I’ve finally found in my 30s.

17. BQ

urrent Location: Baltimore

Age: 30
My optimistic outlook on life and my ability to turn my problems into possibilities.

Physical ( my eyes and smile )
Wasn’t sure if that’s what you wanted lol

18. Joey

Current location: Atlanta
Age: 29
Favorite thing about myself: My creativity whether it’s makeup, painting, or decorating I surprise myself every time. I love when those creative juices begin to flow.