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Strawberry Letter 23: Love Triangle

Steve & Shirley,

My cousin is 22yrs old & she is dating a 19yr old that she really doesn’t know anything about & they are currently living together. He has no job or car while my cousin works 2 jobs to support them, but that’s not even the half of it. He is sleeping with her 14yr old cousin.

They are alone when she is not even around & they are sometimes together while she is in the house sleep. Not only that things in the family are coming up missing & family members are being blamed for the missing items, which the 14yr old is taking to give to the 19yr old to keep him happy. There is also reason to believe that the 19yr old is beating the 22yr old. They both do whatever it is he asks, no matter what the cost are.

He also tells the 14yr old that one day they will be together. He says he is in a gang & I believe the 22yr old is scared. He also tells the 14yr old he would rather be with her & is only staying with the 22yr old because he has nowhere else to go. If that’s not bad enough he also has a baby’s mama.

Both cousins think they are in love, but I think they are just getting played. Steve I just don’t know what to do. Most of the family doesn’t care for him , the mother has been to their house & had words with him, & the father won’t even talk about him.

All of this information is killing me & I know I need to tell someone before someone really gets hurt, so how do I go about telling without my cousin knowing I told?