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Strawberry Letter 23: Deceived

Hey Steve and Shirley,

Last year in January I met my boyfriend at a birthday party. I knew he was right for me because though I have had boyfriends before none of them completed me…I enjoy this man and my children love him.

We moved in together in November. One of the things that attracted me to him was his straight forwardness and honesty…Then he tells me about a friend who is ill on her death bed with brain cancer. I start to feel bad for her and I was not concerned with him calling her to check on her. Then one day she calls and says she has a problem and she needs him right away. He tells me about it and we hop in the car in the middle of the night and drive 3 hours to her.

This is our first time meeting…and the time it gets complicated. First of all she lied to get him to come to her..there was no problem..second she thought he was coming alone…third she turns out to be his ex-girlfriend that he wanted to marry at one point and time…he told me in front of her that he was done with her on that part and he is with me..But this thing don’t sit well with me!!!! She starts yelling that he sends her money and takes care of her and he tells her he loves her everyday. I don’t want to seem heartless and tell him not to communicate with her anymore but now I don’t know what to say….and thats not often for me!!!! Please help!!!



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