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Strawberry Letter 23: Should I Fight?

Hi Steve and family,

I’m a 27 year old woman that’s engaged to a 25 year old woman. We been together for a year and three months and been engaged for seven months. But lately things haven’t been going to good, its like every time we have a problem she packs an over night bag and leaves for three days saying she needs her ” me time.”

I understand everyone needs that but in a relationship especially when we are planning on getting married we should talk and not run. I been here for her thru so much, living in and out of hotel going in and out the hospital because of her illness even when she was mean to me I stay even when it was hard but now when I was in the hospital and need her she left saying she need space.

I feel like its someone else because she kept running to the same place. I ‘m fighting to hold on to this but its breaking me down. I love this woman but I cant take her leaving again if we get into an argument. Is she looking for a way out, should I continue to fight or let it go?

Sincerely Lost in Love

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