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Strawberry Letter 23: “I Thought I Was The One”

Hi Steve,

I’m writing u bcuz i really need help dealing wit this situation. Well I run back into my high school sweetheart. We hook up we been dating for 8 months …I been trying to give him a chance due to the fact that he’s on probation…now its coming down to it were we been living in the house with his mother for two months…now she want us to move in February…now he’s not contributing to anything since I been here I been giving rent, buying food, and everything.

I got him a job and he blew the job by not obey n the rules…now I help him get his unemployment that’s only 65 dollars a week….he don’t want to work I’m taking it…but any how I haven’t even mentioned his ex-girl stay in the basement from us…also he leaves at 11 a.m. and don’t return until 5 a.m. sometimes…but the big deal is now last week I found out he smokes dope “talking about white powder”…now my question to u is what should I do?

Should I stay around and help him get threw the problem or should I walk away? Also its kids involved in the situation non his…I also didn’t mention that he talks and kicks it with his ex-girlfriend. so please help me