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Strawberry Letter 23: I Don’t Want To Be A Stripper

Dear Steve And The Crew,

I had a friend. Me and her lost touch over the course of time with me now in college and her just starting a job. We got back in contact and decided we could be each others work out buddy! So after a workout we would go to her house and chat and snack.

After a while she would invite me over on days we didn’t workout, and her and her mom would tell me “we’re gonna look so good when the summer comes!” I’m thinking, ‘Yeah ’cause I wanna go to the beach in a two piece for the first time!’ They say, ‘no of course not because you guys are going to become dancers!’ I’m like umm no thanks I don’t think stripping is in the cards for me.

Her mom tells me no you just need a little weed to loosen you up! She knows I don’t smoke or drink and slowly I noticed the change in them both after the first time I turned it down. They kept trying to get me to drink or smoke. I started going to the gym myself and not going by their house so much. So this week she calls and says “hey girl have you changed your mind about stripping yet!” I say no. So she says “Well I’m gonna be a stripper and my body is in shape and you can be a goody two shoes if you want to! Good luck in life! (Slams the phone down)

Now my feelings are hurt cause I feel maybe I did something to offend her but I was just being true to myself by not being pushed into doing what I didn’t want. I don’t think we will ever talk. Is this my fault or hers? (Sorry this letters so long)

— Love your biggest fan, Day

Listen to Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry response: