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Strawberry Letter 23: The Second Time Around

I am now dating my kids father again for the second time. He has been married twice since we broke up in 2000 and yes he is divorced. The problem is I love this man more than life itself.

I was with a man and broke it off to get back with my baby’s daddy. Now thinking that would be a good idea since we have two boys together is turning out to be the biggest pain in my butt.  Shirley I work very hard. I hold down two jobs and attend college full-time. He wants to argue about silly things. He nags at me constantly. Tonight he feels I put too much pepper in his food, or is it because I have spent too much time with my goddaughter.

My 13 year old daughter was there when the last fight took off. Usually I try to ignore him but he called me a jerk twice in front of my daughter. To me that was very belittling. I will give anything in the world I can. I am still in love with this dude but I’m telling you I got one foot in and the other out the door. I’m not worried about the physical part.

Yes he has tried to put his hands on me and I’m not like his ex-wife. I fight back. The last time he tried it I broke his jaw. Please help? Should I stay a little longer or just move the heck on?