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Devin Thomas was cut from the Washington Washington Football Team by coach Mike Shanahan.

“During Devin Thomas’s rookie season, several Washington Football Team veterans told me Thomas needed to grow up. They criticized his commitment to practice and study habits, saying he would have learned the playbook faster had he worked harder.

And Thomas, 23, showed more maturity during his second season. People I trust in the organization told me he was doing the right things in practice and in wide receiver position meetings, and a former Washington Football Team assistant predicted Thomas would have a big game last season against the New Orleans Saints in Week 13. Thomas established career highs with seven receptions for 100 yards and two touchdowns in an overtime loss to the eventual Super Bowl champions.”

-Washington Post

Ex-teammate Brandon Banks tweeted a picture of Devin Thomas supposedly sleeping during a team meeting. He later deleted the post that added much fuel to Devin being released from his team.

Jason Reid released this statement:

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