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Monica has opened up about her relationship with Los Angeles Laker Shannon Brown.

According to Global Grind, Monica and Shannon began dating after shooting her video “Love All Over Me” in which the two get married.

Here’s what she had to say:

“It really happened by chance. For a lot of people it’s hard for them to believe that Rock and I are so close just because we are not in a relationship anymore. What confuses me about that is how do you go from a decade of love and being in love to pure hate? People say it’s a thin line, but not for us. We are real big on keeping our boys, grounded making sure they understand that we love each other and even though the relationship didn’t work, the partnership to parent them has to stay intact.

In order for that to happen we stay close, so I discussed everything with Rocko first. I discussed the whole dating idea; I told him who, I told him how we meet, I kept things open and honest. We just don’t believe in secrets because secrets are probably what brought the relationship to a demise.

Other people coming into our business, so we just got on one accord. We agreed the children wouldn’t meet anybody unless we decided that we were going to really get married and go to the next step with other people. So once I shot my video in June, Shannon and I met and I was very reluctant but I realized that he wants some of the same things that I did. He wanted a family, he wanted to settle down, he likes to be in one place…he is not clubbing until two or three in the morning. He’s in the house by 8 o’clock, after camp. His focus is similar and once discussing, I felt like it was the right thing.”

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