The saga that is Tiger Woods’ personal life has just about come to an end … for now. In the divorce heard ’round the world, Woods is presumably paying Elin Nordegren $750 million smackaroos – the biggest payout in celeb divorce history according to Fox News.

The settlement that’s being agreed to by Woods and Nordegren has some strings attached. In the legal documents, it is agreed upon that Woods is not allowed to bring any women around his two children, Sam, 3, and Charlie, 1. Elin also gets full custody of the children, but Woods shares “legal” custody, meaning that all major decisions (like moving out of the country) have to be mutually agreed upon by Woods and Nordegren.

“Woods will be able to see the kids for up to half of each week. He can renegotiate the custody agreement in five years” (Fox News).

Also in the agreement? Elin is not aloud to speak publicly about Woods’ numerous mistresses’. I’m not sure how that is fair or warranted, or why it even matters at all. I personally think that Elin is too classy for that.

And there we have it, another celebrity divorce settled.


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