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T.I.’s daughter Deyjah Harris got candid on social media on Friday (August 27) when she opened up about her struggles and dislike for her own hair texture. She took to Twitter to share her thoughts with her followers, telling the world how much she does not like dealing with her hair.

“i hate to say/admit it, buttttt ): i’m so sad that i have my dad’s hair texture ):,” she Tweeted. “sad because it’s so much to deal with/ manage ugh. sad because i feel like it just doesn’t fit me nor is this texture one that’s appreciated or uplifted as much as the other hair textures.”

She then doubled down on her sentiment and continued with a follow-up Tweet that read, “anytime i see someone with type 4 hair, i ALWAYS compliment them because i know how it feels to genuinely NOT like your hair/texture. i never want anyone to feel like that. it looks soooo bomb on other people, but me? yeah no.”

After her tweets went viral, Deyjah’s followers immediately came to the 20-year-old’s aid, with some tweeting their words of support by revealing that they felt the same way about their type 4 hair. “Girl felt this WHOLE TWEET,” one Twitter user wrote to which Deyjah replied, “i hate that you can relate to the feeling smh. it’s truly not a good feeling.”

But then, there were other Twitter users who shared their words of encouragement to Deyjah, sharing tips and inspiration on how they managed to make their 4c hair work for them. “It took years for me to appreciate my hair texture and love my hair,” the Twitter user wrote. “Summer time plus humidity makes styling it hell. Instead of forcing it, I learned my hair, what works, and what doesn’t. It’s work, but I promise it’s worth it.”

And still, there were others who criticized the Deyjah for opening up about hair story, to which Deyjah replied on how she’s focusing on the positive comments rather than the negative ones. “i’m actually focusing on the uplifting/positive comments as opposed to the negative or derogatory comments,” she wrote. “the tweet was only about/to myself, but i was OPEN about how i feel because i knew others might possibly be able to relate…. and some of them did.”

Beauties, every hair texture is beautiful, no matter how curly, kinky, or coiled it might be. And Dejyah’s hair is truly beautiful just the way it is!

What do you think about Deyjah’s feelings towards her 4c hair?

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