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Strawberry Letter Podcast:  My man treats me like an afterthought

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’ve been in a relationship for almost two years and when I think about the things this man has shown me sexually and mentally I am floored.  He literally takes my breath away but there are a few problems with our relationship.  We’ve never spend a night together and I’ve never met his family except for his twin daughters and their mother.  It was a quick hi and bye when we ran into them at Target. We were not together on our one year anniversary because of his job.  I didn’t see him on Valentine’s Day because he had his daughters that night I saw him the next day and he gave  me flowers.  His birthday is three days before Christmas but I didn’t see him until Christmas Eve because his grandparents were in town. There was nothing on Christmas Day and he went to church on New Years Eve without me.  Then he came over for a for hours on New Year’s Day to make up for it.  I don’t discuss how I feel about things for fear of running him off because he told me his EX-Girlfriend nagged him a lot…..