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The Chicago Police are having a rough 12 months.

After dealing with the Jussie Smollet fiasco earlier in the year, now they’re facing backlash for an apparent misstep that unfortunately cost someone their life.

Check it out.

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Chicago Police are now facing a lawsuit after misidentifying the family member.

A confusion between Chicago Police and a Chicago hospital led to the death of a wrong man. According to the Chicago Tribune, a family took the wrong man off of life support and now, the Chicago Police are facing a lawsuit by both families involved. Elisha Brittman, 62, was found naked and beaten underneath a car in Chicago’s Bronzeville area where he was taken to the Mercy Hospital. Due to the severity of the attack which left his face unidentifiable, he was taken into the hospital as John Doe. Police later used a mugshot to try and identify the man despite the disfiguration of the man’s face, the lawsuit states. They ended up identifying the man as Alfonso Bennett.


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