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Mike Tyson at a press conference

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The Internet was ablaze with commentary and anticipation of footage after the news went out that Mike Tyson lumped up Wack 100 over a supposed heated discussion regarding 2Pac. In perhaps an indictment on us all waiting to see evidence of the brawl, it’s come out that the whole thing was nothing more than an epic troll job and even a lesson in how social media is addicted to drama.

The Blast reports:

Sources very close to the situation tell The Blast the, now infamous, meeting between Wack 100 and the former heavyweight champ could not have been more pleasant, and at no point was there a fight or even an argument.

We’re told after the hip-hop manager taped “Hotboxin with Mike Tyson,” he took it upon himself to do a little unconventional promotion and floated a story that he and Tyson ended up in a brawl over an argument having to do with the late Tupac Shakur.

In an Instagram post, Fred Frenchy, who is a producer for the Hotboxin with Mike Tyson wrote the following:

Anyone who thinks that it’s a positive thing releasing a footage of 2 black men over 40 fighting is totally insane. Y’all so quick to press play for these ignorant types of headlines but won’t promote the right things. SMH

I understand this era and the hunger for sensations – However I’m ain’t here for no likes, clout nor followers, matter of fact if anybody is disappointed after this you can hit the unfollow button.

Fred Frenchy raises a fine point, no?


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