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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York finds the group headed to Costa Rica. It all starts with Juju telling Kimbella and Cyn that she has to host an event in Costa Rica and wants them to come with her so they can make it a girls trip. However, there’s a catch. Juju also plans on bringing Yandy. Kimbella says she’s still on cloud nine about her engagement and she’s going to go to Costa Rica regardless and keep it cute. Cyn and Joe have been in a much better space since their therapy session. Their communication is good and they’re having sex again. In fact, they’re in such a good space that Cyn invites Joe (since State of the Culture is going on a break) so they can keep the momentum going. Basically, Cyn is that chick who brings her man on a girls trip.

Juju expresses to Yandy that she’s annoyed with Cyn for inviting Joe so Yandy uses this as the opportunity to invite Safaree. Juju isn’t thrilled to see Safaree either because she says he hasn’t really been a good friend to her. Yandy’s explanation is that Safaree is in a weird space (he didn’t go through with the sex toy deal among other career and life stuff) and could use the trip. Plus, he could keep Joe company. Juju begrudgingly agrees.

Later on, Maino reveals to Joe that he and Maggie aren’t on good terms right now. Maggie is still mad at him about not taking her rapping seriously so they haven’t spoken in a minute. Maggie is going on the not so girls trip so Joe thinks it’s a great idea to invite Maino too!

We’ll see how that goes. Juelz can’t go for obvious reasons.

In other news, Alexis Skyy links up with Solo Lucci to discuss the rumors that he helped to perpetuate on #theblogs that he’s her real baby daddy. Them meeting up is really unnecessary because they end up arguing. Basically, Lucci thinks he really could be the father. Alexis says he’s not and that she’s just going through with the test to shut people up so we’ll have to wait and see what’s up with that.

Yandy and Juelz meet up in the studio and this is their moment to discuss how awkward things have been between them. In short, Juelz feels like he’s stuck in the middle of Kimbella and Yandy’s drama and wants them to get right so they can move forward. You know what that means, right? They have to have a conversation. We all know how that’s going to go.

Now we’re on the not so girls trip to Costa Rica. The catch is, Juju didn’t tell yandy she invited Kimbella so when Yandy sees her at the hotel she’s just like:

Eventually, Yandy sits with Maggie and talks about how she’s pissed that Juju didn’t tell her about Kim coming. Then Maggie spills tea about how Jonathan told her that Kim and MariahLynn were talking smack about Yandy being a clout chaser and saying that her adopting Infinity is fake. This obviously riles Yandy up and it’s also the moment Juju shows up. Yandy is no longer open to having a peace talk with Kimbella and threatens to go back to New York. Juju talks all this yang about how she wanted all her girls to be there and she thought they’d be mature enough to be on the trip together. Pero like, is she serious? What did she think would happen?

Anyway, Yandy actually does stick around because next week’s preview shows she and Kimbella in another heated exchange.


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