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When you mention Black Eye Peas,  you have to break it up into two time frames….  Pre-Fergie …and with Fergie.  Most Hip-Hop purists respect BEP Pre-Fergie because of their Tribe Called Quest influenced sound. The Fergie chapter of the Peas brought world-wide acclaim and pop anthems like “Let’s Get It Started” which still exist in the playlist at many arenas and stadiums thru-out the world.

After a 9 year hiatus.. The Post-Fergie era starts for BEP. The Black Eye Peas have returned with one of the most ambitious projects that any artist has come with in years. “Masters of The Sun Volume 1” is the audio follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Masters of the Sun” video game and comic book they released in 2017. Hip-Hop purists will be elated that BEP dropped Fergie (after that National Anthem debacle…we understand)  and are back to their original sound. If you love Hip-Hop (Real Hip Hop) …you’ll appreciate this project. It features appearances by Nas, Posdnous from De La Soul, Ali Shaheed Muhammed and the late Phife Dog from Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick and more!! They’ve also been dropping a new video from the project every two weeks since the projects release two months ago!

Check out these cuts from “Masters of the Sun Volume 1” and let us know what you think.