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Meek Mill used his platform to bring awareness to the Dirt Biker culture. He’s partnering with Baltimore Native and his protégé in the dirt Bike world to make a movie. Chino Braxton has been well know in the Baltimore area for leading the charge in the Birt Dike community of Baltimore. Well Jay Z’s label Roc Nation is extending their internationally known brand to include a dirt bike racing section. Hov chose Chino to be the face and brand ambassador of their motocross division.

Chino gained popularity through Youtube Videos that showed his stunts and abilities on the his dirt bike. That’s where he gained the attention of Philly rapper Meek Mill. Meek signed him to his label “Dream Chasers” and featured the West Baltimore Native in several of his videos like “Ima Boss,” “Litty,” and “Glow Up.”

In addition to his affiliations with Roc Nation and Dream Chasers, Chino announced his newest partnership with Under Armour as a UA Sportstyle Pioneer. As a part of his deal, he will be producing a shoe for the company as well.

Being a Dirt Biker Chino grew up admiring the dirt bike crew the “12 O’Clock Boys.” Now he’s getting a starring role in a film about the group that were abandoned, performing tricks, and creating a show for everyone in their neighborhood. Now he’s set to appear in a feature film about Baltimore dirt bikers, executive produced by actor Will Smith. He’ll be starring along side Meek Mill and others who have influenced the dirt bike culture.

Chino talked to Quick Silva today while on the set of the untitled movie about how Chino landed the role and his latest projects. He talked about his start riding through the Baltimore streets and how he’s been able to accomplish so much  thus far.

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