Republican tax bill passes Senate

2016 Republican National Convention

Source: Bill Clark / Getty

The GOP tax bill made it through the Senate overnight, now the House votes again because there are a few minor changes.  House Speaker Paul Ryan like the plan.  Opponents argue the bill help big business and only hurt the middle class.



Facebook’s facial recognition finds photos you’re untagged in

Facebook Exhibits Technologies At Innovation Hub

Source: Sean Gallup / Getty

Facebook can now send you an alert when a photo of you is uploaded on Facebook whether you’re tagged or not.  The social media network says a new facial recognition toll  will notify you whenever your photo appears on Facebook.


Investigators are seeking answers to AMTRAK derailment in Washington state

Jeh Johnson Discusses Rail Security Efforts At Washington's Union Station

Source: Alex Wong / Getty

Investigators have found the data recorder from the deadly AMTRAK derailment in Washington state.  The train was traveling 80 mph in a 30 mph curve before flying off the rail investigators want to know what happened.


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