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Team Cassius - Group Shot

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Make some room for the new kids on the block, and yes, they’re cooler than you. Did we mention, they’re our sister brother brand? (Our parents always wanted a boy.)

In an era when White publications lucratively profit off the Black narrative, comes Cassius, a digital platform led by a group of unapologetic thought leaders, movers and shakers, who don’t “just cover the culture,” they are the culture.

So what exactly is Cassius? “Cassius is an experience.” Cassius is where innovators, millennials and culture enthusiasts converge, with their iPhones and a cup of coffee (Starbucks if you prefer) to talk about dope shit. The dopest shit. Whether it be a definitive ranking of the most notorious culture vultures, a sex by location breakdown (thank us later) or kicking in the door and waving the 44 on LGBTQ stereotypes, Cassius is about owning the Black narrative and delivering it straight, no chaser.

Now let’s address the butterfly/ bee in the room? Is Muhammaed Ali affiliated in some way? Not so much. “We simply tapped into Ali’s brash, brave spirit. He is the globe’s foremost icon of what it means to be unapologetic,” Kierna Mayo, SVP of content and brands at iOne Digital, said in an official press release. “Our hope is that CASSIUS speaks to anyone who stands for something meaningful; for anyone who is unabashedly themselves; for anyone who questions those in power. This millennial generation has given voice to this exact spirit—and we’ve heard them.”

But a brand is only as unapologetic as the people who have a seat at the table. So pull up a chair, and get acquainted with the Cassius editorial team:

Want to know more? Click the motherf*cking link. Samuel L. Jackson voice*


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