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Flint would be without clean water for another 3 years.

However, the House and Senate voted on a bill to provide $100 million to the city of Flint. The bill is on the desk of Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder, awaiting his review and approval (or disapproval).

The bill took longer than expected due to a controversial section, requesting a $3 million grant for Macomb County to fix a sinkhole in Fraser. The House and Senate were in disagreement whether the $3 million should be provided in the form of a loan or a grant. This clause was ultimately removed from the bill and the funds will be given to Fraser through a different fund that has already been appropriated.

Nevertheless, taking this out of the bill was not done correctly, according to Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, “This is our mulligan. We sent it over there and there were a couple things that were not done correctly. It had actually got by three people reading it and still was wrong.”

The Senate reconsidered, approving the bill and ordered it enrolled. It is now up to Governor Rick Snyder to approve.

The city of Flint is dealing with a horrible water crisis. Corrosive water has leaked lead into their pipes, exposing the residents of Flint to a neurotoxin.


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