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Prepare to roll your eyes so hard this episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. Seriously, harder than usual.  Basically, we begin with Kirk having an epiphany: He doesn’t have enough self-control to be hanging out with all his single guy friends, but he’s hanging out with them anyway. The Creeps of the South are together, playing poker and talking about their respective relationship dramas. This is where Kirk brings up the whole Jasmine situation, but he added new information, which is that he wore a condom. Joc finally reveals that he also smashed Jasmine around he same time and that he wore a condom too. Somebody is lying, but okay. Oh and Kirk also has to come clean to Rasheeda about also smashing Keanna, Jasmine’s stripper-sister-wife.


Kirk believes Jasmine is trying to set him up, but nah, he set himself up…again.

Lovely Mimi links up with Joseline to fill her in on her drama with Sierra and how she now plans to open up her own shop in Atlanta. She wants Joseline to be a VIP client to help bring her some business. Joseline is down, but the problem is, no one likes her. In related news, Joseline wants to fix that. She is planning a video shoot for her song, “Babydaddy,” with hopes of bringing the women together peacefully and to put the past (aka Joseline trying to attack everyone at that infamous LHHATL reunion that time) behind them. Joseline claims that she’s a new, more positive woman because motherhood has changed her.


Joseline taps Melissa to help her recruit the women. She wants everyone to come through, except for Shower Rod Mimi, who she’ll probably never ever get along with. Later on, Melissa explains Joseline’s position to Tammy and Karlie Redd and they unsurprisingly decline.

Speaking of Lovely Mimi’s old boss, Sierra…

Her husband, “Shooter,” has also been introduced and basically, they’re another dysfunctional couple with severe marital issues.


Kirk goes to see Rasheeda at Pressed to talk about his BS, and his mother-in-law, Shirleen, happens to be there too. Shirleen lets him have it! She goes off on him and tells him to just file for divorce already. After Shirleens leaves them alone, Rasheeda humors his disingenuous non-apology apology. Kirk basically  just wants to skate over this and move forward like it never happened, but Rasheeda wants a separation (allegedly, you know how these women are with their dirty dog husbands). Kirk wasn’t ready for that so he suggests a marriage counselor (about five years too late), but Rasheeda says she needs more time. We will have to just wait this one out and see, especially since he hasn’t mentioned smashing Keanna yet.

And then a new bombshell drops with some of the newbie cast members. Remember how we met Sierra and her assistant, Moriah, last week? Remember how they seemed like they were so close? Get this, MORIAH IS MESSING WITH SIERRA’S HUSBAND, SHOOTER! I repeat, MORIAH IS MESSING WITH SIERRA’S HUSBAND, SHOOTER! I Apparently, Moriah is keeping quiet for now because Shooter gives her just the right amount of money (aka, she might as well just be a prostitute). Moriah is threatening to snitch on Scooter if the money comes up short. But like, it’s all on camera anyway so…Sierra will find out.



Enter another dramatic scene. Jasmine and Rod confront Joc and Karlie. Jasmine is upset at Karlie for “passing around the photo of her child,” despite allowing Karlie to take the selfie at her house, as if she didn’t know what would happen. Jasmine is also saying that Joc is lying about having sex with her.


Jasmine asks Joc to state his case, and Joc basically says that he was drunk and had sex with a woman named Jasmine, but he’s not sure that it’s the same Jasmine, but it looked like Rod and Kirk’s Jasmine.


Basically, it’s Jasmine’s word against Joc’s hazy memory. Honestly, it’s probably Jasmine trying to save face with Rod.

Anyway, the conversation eventually shifts to Jasmine telling Karlie that she better erase the picture of Jasmine’s son. Jasmine and Karlie start going back and forth, but security handled that. There is no physical fight, but that beef is definitely still cooking.

The episode ends with Joseline’s “empowerment” video shoot, but it’s not clear is the only one who showed up.


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