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Last night Majic 1075/975 hosted  the preview screening of the new film “Logan”…which is the latest installment in the Wolverine series which is a spinoff of the X-Men films. Fans of the Marvel universe will not be disappointed by this film. The film Logan takes place in 2024 with an aging Logan (portrayed  by Hugh Jackman) taking care of an old and senile Professor X Charles Xavier (portrayed  once again by Patrick Stewart). Since Jackman and Stewart have both said this is their last film portraying these characters… it is only fitting that they go out with perhaps one of the most emotionally vulnerable films ever inspired by the Marvel comic universe. Unlike the heroes of the Avengers or Spiderman or any of the countless other Marvel heroes, Wolverine’s story is a story of pain. Moreso… this movie is about how he deals with mortality. For many movies prior to this he was dealing with other peoples mortality. In this one he deals with his own … and part of one’s mortality is their legacy (what do you leave behind). He finds that in a young lady named Laura. I would definitely give this film A minus. It’s got an R rating understand that if you plan to take your children who may be fans of the X-Men. The rating is due to gratuitous violence ( this is probably the most violent Marvel movie ever made. Check out the trailer below and check out Logan in theaters today!!!