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4/20 Celebrations

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Decriminalizing marijuana in Georgia

Atlanta city council is going to talk about decriminalizing marijuana today ( Feb. 28).  A new proposal will spare jail time if somebody is caught with an ounce or less of marijuana.  Council member Kwanza Hall introduced the bill.  If the measure passes offenders will have to pay a fine instead of spending time in jail.



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40,000 Gang members in Metro Atlanta

More and more Atlanta suburbs are dealing with gangs.  Detective James Mellow says the Bloods gang has a hold on Gwinnett County.  Police told CBS46 news that there are 40,000 gang members in the metro area, detective says the bloods are working with the Gangsta disciples.



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President Donald J. Trump minority supporters

Nearly 28% Latinos voted for President Donald J. Trump.  Latino citizens say undocumented workers are taking too many labor jobs from citizens and driving wages down.  President Trump will give his first speech to Congress tonight ( Feb. 28) sources say he’ll focus on Obamacare and a tax overhaul.  Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer says there are too many Republicans who doubt Trump’s plan.