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It almost seems as if sexy is synonymous with see through and nudity when you see celebrities dress and some of the sheer style strutting down the runway. Nevertheless, there are ways that you can look super sexy without giving away all the goods. After all, it’s the allure that fascinates, no?

This is why we were so excited to discover the Sheila Gray Collection. Sheila Gray is an FIT graduate, fashion designer and fashion publicist, who has worked with some of the biggest names, including Byron Lars. She makes beautiful, one of a kind, handmade pieces that are sure to not only make a statement, but also start a conversation. Accessible to all, her opening price point is $30.00, with an afrocentric choker.

Sheila Gray Collection

Source: Sheila Gray Collection / Afro Choker

Her beautiful pieces are heavily African inspired with ornate embellishing from stones to jewels to fancy feathers. While she makes beautiful chokers and warm scarves, she brings newness to the market with gorgeous breast plates, bibs and decked out harnesses that will turn a simple black top into neck turning attire. We’re loving this evening wear harness she created. Can you imagine this paired with a little black dress?! This harness is SO sexy on and leaves everything to the imagination but oozes appeal.

Sheila Gray Collection

Source: Sheila Gray Collection / Evening Wear Adjustable Zipped Harness

I actually wore one of Sheila’s pieces the Tuesday of New York Fashion Week and it was nothing but compliments. I walked down the street and was hit on repeatedly. The below piece is my new good luck charm (and also under $200.00…yes, really).

These harnesses are undoubtedly everything; however, she makes these breast plates and long necklaces that are so detailed and idiosyncratic, that you can’t help but fixate your eyes upon the pieces.

Sheila Gray Collection

Source: Sheila Gray Collection / Aztec Collar Breast Plate Feathered Necklace

When I asked Sheila what inspires her to create such notable pieces, she stated,

“It’s God inspired. I just see them. I can envision them. Different things, different elements, and it all just comes together to me in a collaboration.”

Another interesting thing about her pieces are the versatility. When you try on her pieces, they fashion forward enough to not restrict you to wear them in one way.

Sheila Gray Collection

Source: Sheila Gray Collection / Zipper Scarf Vest

For example, with this zippered scarf (available for $125), I counted five different ways to wear it, without even really thinking too hard. No more buyers remorse with these pieces. Also, the quality is impeccable, created out of silk yarn and acrylic. Sheila explains,

“I always felt that people buy something, wear it once, and then get tired. If you have something you can wear multiple ways, you never get tired of it. That’s why I have things with zippers, reversible, you can wear it this way, that way.”

This is in essence, the beauty of her line, “The thing about this collection is that it’s uniquely you. When you wear it different ways, that’s not me, that’s you!” Easy going and humble, Sheila continues, “Everyone should feel good about themselves and be able to do their own thing.” Her motto is almost synonymous with life and you wonder if she’s speaking deeper than just her clothing. Her good vibes and energy has led to great features and she also ensures that charity flows throughout her work and marketing.

Sheila Gray Collection

Source: Courtesy of Sheila Gray / Feather and Metal Bib

Sheila was recently featured on NY1 for New York Fashion Week, showcasing her necklaces and delving into the mission of her brand. Proceeds from sales go to support cancer patients and domestic violence survivors. Sheila also showed at a New New York Fashion Week, an all day fashion event hosted by the Nylon Project to support eradicating homelessness. Sheila’s necklace was also featured in Italian Vogue.

Sheila Gray Collection

Source: Sheila Gray Collection / Bridal Inspired Jeweled Collar

What’s next for the rising star? She smiles, “I really want to introduce my collection to mainstream so everyone has the opportunity to feel special.

Her pieces undoubtedly does just this.

Shop the Sheila Gray Collection, here.

Follow the Sheila Gray Collection on Instagram, here.


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