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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta starts and finishes with Kenya rehashing her drama with Matt. In the opening scene, Kenya explains her current situation with Matt to Cynthia. Basically, they’re broken up but he still texts her.


In other news, Peter is having a grand opening for his new spot, Club One, in Charlotte, NC, and invited everyone but Cynthia. He even asked Kenya to host it. Cynthia feels some type of way about not being invited, but in the next frame, Peter explains that he didn’t invite Cynthia because he didn’t feel it would be comfortable for either of them. However, you know what show this is so it shouldn’t be surprising that Kenya invited Cynthia to come with anyway, and Cynthia obliged.

The next major drama award of the night goes to Kandi, who is prepping for her big Bedroom Kandi weekend event. Business is good for Kandi, but it’s about to get messy. Here’s the deal: Kandi has some drama with an old assistant, Johnnie, whom she still does business with. Basically, she fired him as her assistant earlier that year because he was too focused on his own business (event planning) and kept dropping the ball. However, that didn’t stop Kandi from continuing to use his services for various events. Her Bedroom Kandi event is one such event. The drama comes in because he posted something shady about Kandi on Instagram not long before the event, so Kandi thought it was appropriate to confront him about his post while in the middle of setting things up for the Bedroom Kandi situation. It started out as a seemingly smooth conversation, with everyone voicing their grievances, but things go left swiftly and don’t go well in the end. Surprisingly, Kandi is the one who lost her cool, but Johnnie is not backing down. He just decided to fight with lawyers.

Let’s fast forward a bit…

Now we see Johnnie seeking Phaedra’s services because he wants to “know his rights.”


Johnnie is claiming that while he was working for Kandi, he was basically a renaissance man, doing the most, but that he didn’t get compensated for it (which is odd because Kandi said she had been paying him for his services). He also said that he was supposed to go into the restaurant business with Kandi and was surprised that Kandi decided to do her own thing with her family. In other words, Johnnie wants to recoup back pay and be compensated for potential future income. Phaedra thinks Johnnie has a case, but this isn’t her area of expertise (and she surprisingly doesn’t want to be that petty) so she will refer Johnnie to some of her colleagues.

Cynthia and Kenya have arrived in Charlotte and are preparing to go to Peter’s opening but Matt starts texting Kenya with the drama, as they’re getting ready.

The short of that is, Peter invited Matt to the opening too. Peter asked Kenya if it was okay and she initially said it was cool but then changed her mind. Matt then started telling The Shade Room that Kenya cancelled his ticket and started texting Kenya, talking about how he’s gonna show up anyway, and that she better not flirt with any other men—you know, basically doing what mentally unstable people do.


Cut to the event. Cynthia’s arrival isn’t too awkward. She and Peter actually seem happy to see each other and even have a mature conversation about why Peter didn’t invite her, and moved forward peacefully. Cynthia then filled Peter in on how Kenya is nervous about Matt showing up. Peter says he doesn’t want to get involved with what they have going on. Kenya shows up shortly after that and so does Matt. Peter makes sure to escort Kenya inside safely while Peter and Todd call Matt to find out what’s going on. Matt claims that he looked in Kenya’s car to try to get her driver to let him talk to her, but one thing led to another and he ended up slapping the driver.


Peter tries to talk sense into Matt by explaining that he’s making himself look crazy and that it’s best for him to just walk away from the situation. Matt claimed that Kenya needed to leave him alone as well. Matt and Todd delivered that message and crisis was averted for the night, but next week it looks like Matt will be back with his garage window busting skills.


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