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After over 30 years of service on the Atlanta Police Force, Chief George Turner has announced his retirement. This announcement comes after the loss of his daughter-in law due to cancer. Turner says that he would like to focus on his son and spend quality time with his family.

APD Chief George Turner

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Since appointed Chief six years ago, Turner has made a positive impact in crime deduction. He has decreased the crime rate by 27 percent since 2009. Crime has reached the lowest level in over four decades.

Mayor Kasim Reed follows up with this announcement by appointing Deputy Chief Erika Shields as the new chief of the Atlanta Police Department.

“I am truly humbled, honored and grateful,” Deputy Chief Shields said of the announcement. “I have said my whole career here, once I started policing for a few years, Atlanta is a terrific spot to police if you are any sort of minority.”

Turner will officially step down on his last day, December 28th. We appreciate your service to the Atlanta Community!

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