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Black Republicans in Congress could be swept out of office on Election Day as a result of down ballot voting if Democrats win the White House.

While Black Republicans are typically not supported by African-Americans and Blacks are looking for greater representation on Capitol Hill, the ousting of minority GOP members from Congress – such as Utah’s Mia Love – could prove to be problematic from a diversification standpoint.

This interesting juxtaposition of race and policy led to an interesting debate during Wednesday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now revolving around the notion of Black Republicans being out of touch with their community.

NewsOne Now panelist Amber J. Phillips shared, “While Black representation in government is critical and highly important, I think we’re now moving into a spot where it’s hard to co-sign a Black Republican or someone who doesn’t align with [Democratic] values.”

Phillips later said if she had to vote for a person of color and her only option was a Black Republican, she would “still vote for a Democrat.”

Republican Political Consultant Shermichael Singleton took issue with Phillips’ assessment of African-American Republicans and said, “That’s the most ridiculous crap I have ever heard.”

The left-leaning panelist challenged Phillips, saying, “I find that to be extremely problematic – you’re sitting here telling me that because I’m a Republican that I’m out of touch with Black issues?”

Phillips’ response: “Yes. I think that the Republican Party does not represent Black issues.”

Watch the heated exchange between Amber J. Phillips and Shermichael Singleton in the video clip above. Do you agree with Phillips’ assessment of Black Republicans? Let us know in the comment section below.


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