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Subject: Should I keep waiting for my man?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 39 year old mother of 4. Three of my children are from the guy I am with now and I have one from a previous relationship. So, here is my story…

My man is my childhood crush and I always wanted to be with him. When we got together, it was great. We were making love, traveling, and everything. Then one morning I received a phone call from a female saying she was his wife. She ended up only being a girlfriend. Since then, it has been a non-stop entourage of females. He has had a lot of flings and full blown relationships with other women. All the while I have been having his babies. Each time I get pregnant, he leaves and does not help me during the pregnancy. I tried to leave him and I even moved to another state, but he told me that we could make it work, so I went back to him. When I got back with him, I went through his phone and found out that he was still cheating and when I asked him about it, he said he cheats because I don’t have sex with him enough. We recently had our 3rd child. We did not have sex throughout the entire pregnancy or 5 months after the baby was born. We recently had sex for my birthday, but that was it. We were supposed to get married in May, but I went through is phone again, saw some text messages, and called the wedding off.  He leaves town every weekend, saying he is going to go work, but I found out that he is talking to his ex-girlfriend… this is the girl he left me for 2 years ago. He is texting her and telling her that she is so amazing and he wants to marry her. Yes, I know I am not supposed to be going through his phone, but I still love this man after all these years. Please help.


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