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Subject: Setup From The Start

Dear Steve and Shirley, the man I’m sending this letter about is a GOOD man. I’ll get right to the point my friends and I set him up right from the start. He got married to a Mexican girl and she had two kids he had one son this man is a great father. From the beginning you could see she was a jealous person and we did not want him with her anyhow so we would call and have them do work on our cars and get everybody we knew to do the same. Long story short my friends and I succeeded in getting her to divorce him because I wanted him for myself but here it is almost 2 years later and he still won’t talk to me or anyone else. Now that I am more in church my heart says to call him and her to come clean about what we did. I know he love this woman more than life itself so what should I do? He listens to the strawberry letter and he loves Shirley’s reply. Should I tell him and her and set my spirit free or just tell him?

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Guilty as sin

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