Subject: Married To Chaka Zulu

Dear Steve & Shirley,

I need your help I will try to give you as much information about my issue as I can because I really need some good firm feedback I met this guy  he could Barely Speak, English French is his first language I didn’t mind that part because our attraction was instant during the first 2 Years, I taught him how to speak English bought him good quality clothing and showed him around our city I took him to the finest restaurants and spoiled this man two years later we were married and I was pregnant I also have a son from a previous relationship and he treats him just as his son our problem is I was in a department store and I saw him with another woman  That was not the first time I caught him My sister and I followed him one day to a house a lady came out and got into his car we ended up in a high-speed chase that could’ve ended badly I finally put him out for the last two years he will not leave us alone he pays the rent the shells of money like it’s water I can’t say no because I recently lost my job now I’m at his beck and call he is suggesting that I help them obtain his citizenship to stay in the country if I do then he will come home and we can be a family again that does not sit well with myself I am now wondering  did he marry me for his papers all along my husband used to be the naïve bush man from Africa  Did I make him the man he is and should I help him with his citizenship?


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