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Subject: Dating The Best Friend Ex

Dear Steven and Shirley

I am writing to get your opinion on friends dating their best friends ex. I am a 43 old woman who is really good male friend of 30yrs. We always been very close and always took good care of each other. We have amazing chemistry and a very good bond a very strong bond but we continue to say we are just friends. Friends would hear us say “love you” and think there is more between us than we were saying. One day two years ago the words I love you sounded and felt different. We both knew what was happening we express our love for each other and began to take our friendship to another level and after much conversation about her future and much lovemaking he realized he couldn’t pursue a relationship with me because I dated his best friend in high school. They are still best friends today and this best friend has been married for 17 years with three children. I didn’t understand the sudden change we discussed this in the beginning and he said it wouldn’t be an issue. Apparently the best friend still has feelings for me and he tells him this on a regular basis he feels like he would be betraying a childhood friend. I was heartbroken I told him we were just children when we dated but I will respect his decision. Now I don’t see them often but when I do we share some very passionate and intimate moment. Every morning he sends me a good morning text and every night he sends me good night I love you. It is very clear that he loves me but he has chosen his friendship over our love, should this even be an issue should I still be considered the ex of his best friend even though we dated 26 years ago? Do you think that he should talk to his best friend about the situation?


Sincerely between

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