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Subject: My talking may be ruining my marriage

Good morning Steve and Shirley. I’m a married woman in my mid 40s. I’ve been married for 10 years. My husband and I used to do all sorts of things on the weekends, including trips out of town. Things have been rocky the past few months and he will fly off the handle at any little thing. For example, recently, he was telling a story and I commented with a faint, “Oh,” and he yelled at the top of his lungs, “What in the hell is wrong with you?” Can I finish my darn story?” The yelling lasted over an hour and he told me everything he hates about me. Then I get the silent treatment for 3-4 days. Now everything is alright, but anything I do or say might set him off again. I can’t talk in the car, during commercials or when he’s on the computer. And here’s the kicker… he has been going out of town at the last minute, for the weekend. He’s done this 5 times already this year. We have pets so that leaves me no time to make arrangements for them. Each time he promises that he will take me with him the next time. When he’s away, I only talk to him between 11pm and 1am and it seems like he’s calling me from the bathroom, just to say goodnight. I’ve asked if there’s someone else or if he wants out of our marriage and he always asks, “Why would I want either of those?” My gut tells me he’s just across town but he denies it. Am I kidding myself? Does this spell trouble for me? I know you guys like to have fun with some of these letters, but just be straight with me.


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