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Subject: Please stop chasing my mom

Good morning Steve and Shirley, my parents are up in their years… my mom is over 70 years old and my dad is over 80. They have been happily married for over 40 years. My dad has many medical problems and he’s taking lots of medication, which makes him think that he is Abraham and Lazarus has risen. But that’s not the problem… the problem is, he keeps chasing my mom around the house, with or without his walker. He and my mom now sleep in different rooms, but when he first comes out of his bedroom in the morning, he stops by my mom’s room to get a kiss. She told me that she gets up and runs down in the basement, knowing he can not go down there. Recently, my mom went to use the bathroom, and my dad was already in the bathroom waiting for her. She ran past him and yelled for him to get out. My dad waited by the door for a while, and she stayed in the bathroom until he left. She told me that she thinks he was trying to get some, without her running away this time. She called me and told me what’s been happening. She said if he does not stop, she is going to knock him down. She said he gets mad all the time, accusing her of cheating. My mom said she has not had or thought about sex in over twenty years and her man is Jesus now! Maybe it’s the medication my dad is taking. How can I tell my dad to stop chasing my mom, so she won’t hurt him? Please help.


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