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Subject: My fiancé’s family feud is all my fault

Good morning Steve and Shirley. One year ago, I almost married the love of my life. We had our share of ups and downs. My ex told me that her biological father was dead and died when she was a few months old. I later found out the truth from one of her relatives. This relative told me that the father was no good and low down, but very much alive. I was able to track him down and I found out a lot of things. There were bitter feelings between my fiancé and her family. The father is a convicted felon and a woman beater. After hearing all of this, I see that my fiancé had a good reason to consider him dead. Without telling my fiancé, I developed a friendship with this man and three of his other children. My fiancé has so much hatred towards her father and his other children. So, let’s fast forward to our wedding day… I invited him and members of his family to our wedding rehearsal. This was a huge mistake. When he showed up at the wedding practice, a big physical fight between him and my fiancé broke out. Then my fiancé’s mother and her family members joined in. This caused us to cancel the wedding the next day. Was I wrong for inviting her father? I just wanted her to forgive her father for what he did. She has not forgiven him and told me she will never forgive me. We have not spoken since then. Steve, I love my fiancé dearly, so how can I get past this big mistake and get her back? I want to talk to her and ask for her forgiveness but she does not want to have anything to do with me. Please help.


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