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Subject: He prefers texting over talking

Hi Steve and Shirley, I am a woman in my early 40s and so is my boyfriend. Things were great between us at first and then he started going through some things mentally and financially. Anytime he and I have a problem, he talks to me through emails and texts. We’ve had several heated discussions for days, via text. One misunderstanding after another. He refuses to pick up the phone and talk to me. I tried to explain to him that most of our issues would be easily resolved if he just communicates like an adult. Once he thought that I made unauthorized changes to his cell phone account and called me everything but a child of God for 2 days via email. Then when he came to his senses, he even apologized to me via email. He claims he’s the way that he is because of all the drama he had in his last relationship. And he is obsessed with talking to people on Facebook all day. I’ve compromised for several months, but I’m too old for this. What does all of this mean? Is it a lack of maturity? Should I be more understanding and patient? Please help.


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