Subject: I should be his only “Boo”

Dear Steve and Shirley, my husband is a truck driver and he’s on the phone all day long gossiping with friends and talking to women. He is on the phone at least 14 hours a day. He tells them all our business. I know this because I look through his phone and I see the text messages and I’ve listened to his voice mail. On his days off, he leaves or does yard work all day so he can talk on the phone. He’s on the phone from the time he wakes up till he goes to bed. When I say anything about it, he says I’m insecure or jealous. He tells these women he loves them he calls them “boo.” He thinks it’s no big deal. So I told him I was going to start talking to men all day while he was gone and he got mad. He now blames me for us having problems. I do everything a wife should do. What can I do to show him this is a problem? These women are catching feelings with all this conversation he gives them. He says I shouldn’t complain because I have him and a house that he provides. I have a job so I provide as well. He says he treats me like a queen and I should be happy. I said none if this matters if I don’t have my husband’s heart. I’m tired of sharing. Please help.


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