Subject: My man has ADD

Dear Steve and the morning crew, I’m a single mom and I started dating again recently. I met a man online who seems to be a nice guy. He’s in law enforcement and works a lot of hours between his full time job and part time jobs. He’s always on the go. My issue is… we haven’t been on an official date because every time we make plans, something comes up… and I mean EVERYTIME. He chooses everything over me. Of course I get upset and then he says I’m tripping. He refuses to acknowledge that he’s constantly standing me up. I believe he should make time for me if he really wants to get to know me. One day I asked him what his intentions were because I’m 36 and looking for a serious relationship. His response was, “I don’t like to put a title on things because it never works out.” He says he likes me, but I’m not sure he’s looking for what I’m looking for. I wake up and I’ll text him “Good morning.” Before I go to bed, I text him, “Good night.” Sometimes he responds and sometimes he doesn’t. His excuse is that he has ADD and his attention is scattered. So, I stopped texting him throughout the day and he sent a message asking what was wrong with me. I guess it’s good that he noticed the change, but Steve, I feel like I’m always available for him and he just totally disregards me. I don’t want to feel like I’m chasing him, but that’s how it looks. What should I do? Am I expecting too much and need to back off a little? Or is he just not interested?


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